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Tuesday, May 02, 2017   /   by Kunal Patel

Why Listing Agents are Important

The significance of a Listing Agent and the role they play

For potential home sellers, having a good listing agent is highly essential. However, you would not be aware of what listing agents do and the role they play in getting your house sold. Read on to know more.

The role of a Listing Agent in getting the best price for your home

You cannot really be sure about the value of your home. Although there are estimates available from various sources, an assessment of the ground reality can be done only be a good listing agent.

As the stakes are too high, a good listing agent will help you in getting a great price for your home. Although there are some listing agents who promise you of a great price for your home, you will have to be aware of the market standards and expect a price accordingly. If not, your home might be up for sale for months together.

It is highly important for a listing agent to value your home in the first place, as per Janine Acquafredda from ...

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Thursday, April 06, 2017   /   by Kunal Patel

Guide to Selling Your Home to Millennials

Guide to Selling Your Home to Millennials
Over the years, the process of buying or selling a home has changed dramatically. Once upon a time, we would rely upon local estate agents for news regarding properties on the market. Nowadays, the Internet does a lot of the work because millions can see a property online within seconds of it going live.
In recent years, we have seen changes in behavior within the market too with Baby Boomers opting for urban life as opposed to their large suburban homes. In terms of millennials, this is actually the opposite in that they are leaving their small spaces behind and forgetting all about the noise of the city for another day. As we move forward, they are seeing the value of suburban living whether it is due to the extra storage, having outdoor space, starting a family, or perhaps the added extras such as closet space and room for a car.
During a fifteen-year period between around 1984 and 1999, we saw a generation of what we now call ‘mill ...

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