We love helping our clients move! 

First, let us say thank you again for the trust you've placed in the Kunal Patel Group to help you with all your real estate needs. Here you will find all of the details needed to schedule, check-out and return our KPG box truck. We are pleased to offer a box truck to our clients to assist with the moving logistics. You can begin the process of utilizing our box truck by:
1) Checking  here see if it’s available on the day(s) you need it.
2) Once you’ve selected the day(s) you need, please send a follow-up email to Paige at  [email protected].  She will verify the scheduling and gather the necessary information from you such as a copy of insurance and driver’s license. Once she has that information, she will provide you with the truck location and access to keys.
3) You can pick-up the box truck as early as 5pm the day before you’ve scheduled it. For example, if you have the truck scheduled for June 15th, you can pick it up as early as 5pm on June 14th.
4) We request that the box truck is returned no later than 4pm on the last day you’ve scheduled it. If you have scheduled the box truck for 2 or more consecutive days, it does not need to be returned each evening, only by 4pm on the final day of use.
Thank you again for picking the Kunal Patel Group!